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First off...


If you've come this far and you're reading this, thank you.

Who Am I?

My name is Jordan Murray. Born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, brought up in Gateshead. I shoot to document but I aim to do it with style (of course.) I don't really know what kind of photographer I am but I like to be out on the street, watching the world go by, documenting everyday life.

So, why have I brought you here?

Well first off I love Instagram ( as a platform; for sharing work, gaining inspiration and meeting like-minded people by the boat load. It's amazing really.

But... There's always a But

I feel like I have a lot more to bring to the table and need a space to do so. In 'my space' I hope to share my projects, offer and gain some guidance, get to know the street photography community and hopefully share as much as possible with you all.

The Plan

First and foremost I want to create a space where I can journal my work and share my projects. I'm sure that may interest some of you however I want to offer you a bit more in weight:

-Share more from behind the scenes such as workflows, editing technique, how I shoot etc

-Share and discuss the work of others hopefully offering inspiration

-Keep up to date with street photography related news

-Get to know others in the street photography community through chats, interviews (podcasts!?!?), spotlights, and takeovers.

-Offer and gain guidance in what I can through tutorials on shooting in the street, equipment, programs (e.g. lightroom), and whatever else.

I'll be honest I'm pretty new to all this so go easy on me :)

Leave a comment to let me know what you think, if you have any ideas, or even just to say hello. I'll be chuffed if I can even get 10 people looking at this blog.

Jordan Murray

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