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W-S.P World-Street Photography Photo books Competition

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

W-S.P World-Street Photography Photo books Competition

I've been on the lookout for any competitions to enter coming up in 2019. I've come across World-Street Photography which are taking submissions for two photo books; Street Photography WSP6 (2018 / 2019)' and 'Present Yourself and Tell Us What Street Photography Means to You.' Each call is open to 15 submissions with single images potentially being selected and displayed within their photo books. The profit from sales is fully donated to charity.

Throughout the year they run multiple competitions ranging subjects. Open calls and Previously successful published books can be found here: https://world-street.photography/en/photobooks

I have to admit the website is a bit of a nightmare to use and runs like a slug but I got there in the end entering both competitions. The competitions are free to enter so why not give it a go?

My 'Present Yourself and Tell Us What Street Photography Means to You' entries:


My Street Photography WSP6 (2018 / 2019) entries:


If you're thinking about entering I'd love to know. Drop me an email or message through Instagram.

Jordan Murray Street Photography

Newcastle Upon Tyne




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Or hear my method to madness:

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