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13 Street Photography Videos That Will Inspire You

We all find ourselves in a street photography rut sometimes. When you're shooting the same locations week in, week out it can end up feeling a little bit samey. You start to become blind to things that normally jump out at you. Feeling that way it can be hard to break the mould. Your photos don't suck, you don't need new equipment and your city/town isn't boring. You need a little bit of inspiration.

Below are some street photography videos I have found that get me in the groove. Whether you looking for inspiration, knowledge or something to watch these videos will help get you excited about street photography again.

If you like any of the videos shared or have any that should be on the list let me know.

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Now it's time to dim the lights, put your feet up, and grab a beer. Enjoy the show!

1. Dougie Wallace: What Do Artists Do All Day?

An amazing documentary by the BBC following Dougie Wallace as he finishes his Harroudsburg project. Born in Glasgow, living in London, Dougie does a great job of showing you what street photography in the UK is all about. Thanks to Stefan for this one.

2. Everybody Street

Giving insight into some of New York's street photographers Everybody Street such as Bruce Davidson, Joel Meyerowitz, Martha Cooper and Jill Freedman. This documentary pays tribute to the spirit of street photography in the incomparable city that has inspired these photographers for decades.

3. Lurker

Using the streets as his canvas, photographer Billy "Captain Soncho" Williams explores what it means to be an aspiring young artist in Southern California.

4. Mailchimp Presents: Hamburger Eyes

It started as a one-man project, an outlet for curiosity. But as Hamburger Eyes grew, it became a community dedicated to capturing both the unseen and iconic moments of everyday life. If you don't know Hamburger Eyes then you should:

This one I can't embed so here's the direct link: or watch the official trailer below.

5. On The Street With: Tatsuo Suzuki

Many of you may already be familiar with Lin Taro's YouTube channel. He provides awesome videos that give great insight into street photography. This is my personal favourite of his videos in which you get a on the ground view of how Japanese street photographer Tatsuo Suzuki gets the job done. See Lin Taro's YouTube channel here.

6. Bruce Gilden at Work & Bruce Gilden: Coney Island

Bruce Gilden is a legend in the street photography world. To some his method of work can seem a little crude; he gets right up close often using flash. Whether or not you like the way he works you have to admire him. His no bullshit technique allows him to get up close and get shots others can only dream of. I've chosen two videos here as I love his Coney Island work and the other gives an insight a ground level insight to how he gets the shots he does.

Bruce Gilden at Work

Bruce Gilden: Coney Island

7. Memories of a Dog - Daido Moriyama's Journey to Photography

Daido Moriyama is a Japanese photographer famous for his high contrast images of traditonal values against modern society in post-war Japan. He investigates the everyday bringing the mundane to life. Aired originally in Japan the documentary is subtitled but more than worth your time.

8. Walking With John Free in the Streets!

John Free has an amazing YouTube channel that is perfect for street photographers of all skill levels. Another no bullshit approach, videos give an inside look into the life of a street photographer. With every video being interesting and informative I'd recommend his channel to anyone. In this video you'll see the tricks and trips of a street photography legend and what it's like to get out on the street with a camera.


9. Joel Meyerowitz: Photographer

Filmed in 1981 this documentary shows one of street photography's legends at work with plenty of his images. Hear Joel's story and how some of his iconic shots were made.


10. The Many Lives of William Klein

William Klein has lived many lives. One of the world's most influential photographers, he pioneered the art of street photography and created some of the most iconic fashion images of the 20th century. He also made over twenty films, including the first ever documentary about Muhammad Ali and a brilliant satire of the fashion world, Who Are You Polly Magoo?

11. Daniel Arnold's New York by Vogue

I originally found Daniel Arnold on Instagram and instantly fell in love with his street photography. His images capture the movement, excitement and life of the street in New York City. This short video by Vogue portrays that energy with an exciting glimpse of Daniel on the go.

12. Mark Cohen - Photographer

Mark Cohen is an American photographer known for his innovative candid close-up street photography. The way he works is like no other. He's another in, flash, out kind of guy. You'd almost think his photographs were cropped but no; they're shot wide-angle in extremely close proximity to the subject. His photos are raw and full of nervous energy.

13. Imagine - The Colourful Mr Eggleston

William Eggleston is widely credit for proving colour photography as legitimate artistic medium. For many years he was illusive, keeping himself to himself, and staying out of the direct limelight. In this documentary we get a view into how William works, what he thinks about and the story behind some of his most iconic shots

I hope you've enjoyed this post. A little different to my usual articles but since we all need a little inspiration injection I thought these videos would help.

What did you think of the videos featured in the post? Are there any you think I should have included? Let me know on Instagram or contact me directly.

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